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Atlas pH Monitoring & Control

Atlas pH

The Atlas pH Monitoring and Control Systems are for chemists who perform pH sensitive reactions. They allow the pH value to be monitored and logged throughout a reaction and the pH value to be controlled using the Atlas Syringe Pump by addition of an acid and/or base.

  • Easy to use: All parts click together without the need for tools - the pH and temperature node clips onto the support rods and is automatically detected by the Atlas Base.
  • Intelligent: pH can be maintained by the addition of an acid and/or base without PC control.
  • Automatic data logging: All data including pH is shown on the base in real time and automatically logged to a .csv file.
  • Powerful: Parameters including temperature, stirrer speed and quantity of acid/base added can be controlled from the Atlas Base.
  • Wide temperature and pH range: pH measurement up to 70°C and pH values 0-14 (note that the rest of the system is suitable for use from -80°C to +200°C).
  • Temperature compensation: When the pH and temperature are monitored together, the pH is automatically temperature compensated.
  • Quick: With an easy to use vessel clamping system and integral oil drain unit, Atlas jacketed vessels can be changed in under a minute.
  • Compact size: Fits conveniently in a regular fume cupboard.
  • Robust: Specifically designed for use in chemical laboratories