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Atlas Potassium Jacketed Reactor Systems

Atlas Potassium

Atlas Potassium

The Atlas Potassium is designed for chemists who perform reactions in jacketed reactors from 50ml to 5 litres. Without the need for a PC, the intelligent base can control and log temperatures, stirrer speed and other sensors. The design allows vessels and stirrers to be changed in minutes.

  • Quick change vessel: The oil drain unit, jacketed vessel clamp and quick oil connectors allow vessels to be changed in under a minute.
  • Automated reactions without PC control: Set points, ramps, or sophisticated profiles are all possible for reaction temperature and stirrer speed.
  • Easy to upgrade: A wide range of accessories are available including vessels, stirrers, probes, etc.
  • Intelligent: Atlas Potassium allows users to edit and run profiles automatically from the base to control, heating/cooling from circulator, stirring and reagent addition.
  • Easy to use: No tools required, twist and click control knob, large display and intuitive.
  • Full data capture: Data such as temperatures and stirrer speed is logged in a .csv file and can be downloaded to a USB stick.
  • Small footprint: 23cm (9”) square easily fits into fume cupboards.
  • Robust: Specifically designed for use in chemical laboratories.
  • Wide temperature range: -80 to +200°C.
  • 1 Height adjustable stirrer seal
    Chemically resistant stirrer seal and guide allows easy stirrer height adjustment
  • 2 Powerful stirring
    Compact, auto aligning stirrer up to 800rpm. High torque and high speed options available
  • 3 Quick connections
    Thermo fluid connections made in seconds
  • 4 Jacketed vessels
    50ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1L and 2L (3L and 5L with Remote Mount). Range of profiles and vacuum jacket options
  • 5 Bottom outlet valve
    Spring loaded valve offers leak free sealing even at extremes of temperature and pressure
  • 6 Circulator control
    Connect a circulator to enable intelligent temperature control
  • 7 USB download
    Download data to USB stick
  • 8 Parallel chemistry
    Many bases can be controlled by one PC
Features of Atlas Jacketed Reactor
  • 9 Wide range of sensors
    Temperature probes, pH sensors, turbidity probes etc. with localized calibration
  • 10 7 port lid
    A wide range of port sizes in both vertical and compound angle configurations
  • 11 Quick clamp
    No tools required to change jacketed vessels in seconds
  • 12 Wide range of stirrers
    Different styles and lengths available
  • 13 Oil drain unit
    Press button to drain thermo fluid
  • 14 Syringe pump control
    Connect the Atlas Syringe Pump to coordinate control of additions with temperature and stirring
  • 15 Data logging
    All sensor data is logged automatically even without a PC
  • 16 Simple control
    Twist & click knob to change temperature / stirrer speed or edit and run automated experiments