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Atlas Turbidity Systems

Atlas Turbidity

The Atlas Turbidity System is designed for chemists who are interested in monitoring or controlling crystallizations, emulsions, suspensions, etc. The Atlas allows turbidity to be examined and modified by controlling temperature and/or additions to the vessel. Data is displayed on the Atlas Base and can be plotted in real time using the software.

  • Sensitive: The Atlas Turbidity Probe has a very high signal to noise ratio.
  • Inert construction: All wetted parts are quartz glass/PTFE/FFKM.
  • Automatic data-logging: Turbidity can be monitored from the intelligent Atlas Base Unit and downloaded by USB without PC control.
  • Advanced control: With the Atlas PC Software the system can crystalize along a turbidity ramp, determine the metastable zone, etc.
  • Easy to use: The Turbidity is displayed on the Atlas Base and can be plotted in real time using the Atlas Software.
  • Wide temperature range: Atlas Turbidity System offers a temperature range of -80 to >200°C.
  • Easy calibration: Simple 2-point calibration gives a 0-100% turbidity range.
  • Compact: The Turbidity probe can be used with any Atlas reactor.
  • Infra red optics: Unaffected by ambient lighting changes.
  • Intelligent: The Atlas Turbidity system can perform automated crystallization studies, varying concentrations and temperatures.