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Asia 110 Flow Chemistry System

Asia 110 is an excellent value, entry level system, ideal for beginners in solution phase flow chemistry. This very compact system combines the high performance of an Asia Pump, an Asia Chip Climate Controller, a glass microreactor (“chip”) and an Asia Pressure Controller. 

The Asia Pump offers two ultra smooth, chemically resistant, continuous flow channels with wide flow rate ranges and built-in pressure sensors. The Asia Chip Climate Controller provides quick and accurate temperature control from -15ºC to +150ºC without the need for a circulator or water cooling. The Asia Pressure Controller allows reactions to be pressurized up to 20 bar (300psi). This enables temperatures far in excess of the atmospheric boiling point of the solvent, and therefore an increase in reaction rate.

All the modules can be controlled by the intuitive twist and click knobs and data such as flow rate, pressure and temperature is displayed on the front panels. By entering data such as reaction time and reactor volume, the pump automatically controls the flow rate and indicates when the reaction is available for collection. Safety features include an automatic leak check and safety shutdown in the case of over pressurization of the system.

Asia 110 offers faster, cleaner and safer reactions.

The Asia 110 can easily be upgraded to the Asia 120 flow chemistry system, for the heating of microreactors, solid phase reactors or tube reactors up to 250ºC.

Parts List
The Asia 110 System contains the following modules,

Part number Description
2200292 Asia Pump (2 Channels, No Syringes)
2200526 Asia Chip Climate Controller
2200532 Asia Pressure Controller
2100147 Chip Header
2 x (2200391-4) Asia Syringes x 2
2200538 Asia 110 Tubing Kit
see reactors Microreactor Chip (62.5μl, 250μl, or 1000μl)