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Asia 130 Flow Chemistry System

Asia 130 is a comprehensive flow chemistry system that has all the functionality of Asia 120 and also offers pressurized storage of reagents, injection of small quantities of reagent and convenient product collection. 

The Pressurized Input Store gives the possibility of easily handling air and moisture sensitive reagents by pressurizing the bottles with inert gas. It also enhances pumping and smoothness of the liquid flow by minimizing cavitation and bubble formation. The Asia Reagent Injector module enables the chemist to manually load small quantities of reagent into sample loops and then conveniently inject samples into the flowing stream.

The Product Collector enables the solvent between reactions to be diverted to waste and the reaction samples to be conveniently collected in a range of vials. This combination enables a fast, manual reaction optimization process. Further scale-up can be achieved using the Asia Heater and a tube reactor.

Asia 130 offers an extremely comprehensive range of flow chemistry.

Asia 130

Parts List
The Asia 130 System contains the following modules;

Part No. Description
2200292 Asia Pump (2 Channels, No Syringes)
2200400 Asia Pressurized Input Store
2200520 Asia Reagent Injector

Asia Chip Climate Controller


Asia Heater


Asia Pressure Controller


Asia Product Collector


Chip Header x 2

2 x (2200391-2)

Asia Yellow or Green Syringes x 2

2 x (2200393-4)

Asia Blue or Red Syringes x 2


Asia 130 Tubing Kit


Asia Heater Solid Phase Adaptor


Asia Heater Microreactor Adaptor


Asia Heater Tube Reactor Adaptor

see reactors

3 x Microreactor Chip (62.5μl, 250μl or 1000μl)

see reactors 2 x Asia 4ml / 16ml Tube Reactor Fluoropolymer / Stainless Steel

Asia High Temperature Solid Phase Reactor Pack