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Asia 230 Flow Chemistry System

Asia 230 is a comprehensive flow chemistry system that has all the functionality of Asia 220 and also offers two extra pump channels, two extra injection valves (with loops), flow liquid-liquid extraction and full automation of an experiment from the PC software. The Asia 230 enables an automated multi-step reaction.  

With its four pump channels, four injection loops, Chip Climate Controller and Heater, the Asia 230 can be used to perform multi-step reactions (homogenous or heterogeneous) with up to four different air-sensitive reagents.

The addition of an Asia FLLEX (Flow Liquid Liquid Extraction) module enables continuous aqueous work-up. It mixes the organic and the aqueous streams, then allows time for diffusion to occur before finally splitting the flow back to its constituent parts.

A computer with the Asia Manager PC Software preinstalled is included for further control of all the modules. With its intuitive interface, the software makes it easy to set-up a fluidic system, design an experiment and run the chemistry. The Asia Manager PC Software is the most sophisticated and powerful software available for flow chemistry.

Asia 230