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Asia 320 Flow Chemistry System

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Asia 320 enables the broadest range of flow chemistry possible coupled with easy-to-use automation. This system enables hundreds of fully automated, multi-step solution or solid phase reactions with a total of four inputs and mg or kg scale reactions. 

Asia 320 provides all the benefits of Asia 310 and expands the chemistry capabilities even further by adding PC software, two extra pump channels, two extra injection valves, the versatile Asia Heater module (and its adaptors), tube reactors for larger scale chemistry and column reactors for solid phase chemistry.

As well as all the features of the 310 system, Asia 320 can heat microreactor chips up to 250°C, fluoropolymer tube reactors up to 125°C, stainless steel tube reactors to 250°C or solid phase column reactors up to 150°C. These temperature ranges, combined with the Asia Pressure Controller enable significantly increased reaction rates.

The Asia Heater has a range of adaptors for the different reactor styles. The adapters are interchangeable in seconds without the need for tools and are automatically recognized by the Asia Heater. They contain embedded RTD’s for extremely accurate temperature control of the reaction.

A computer with the Asia Manager PC Software preinstalled is included for further control of all the modules. With its intuitive interface, the software makes it easy to set-up a fluidic system, design an experiment and run the chemistry.
Asia 320 offers the broadest range of chemistry possibilities:

Asia 320