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Asia 330 Flow Chemistry Systems

Asia 330 is the ultimate, integrated flow chemistry system. It offers entirely automated reagent injection, synthesis, work-up, product collection and analysis. Asia 330 includes all the benefits of Asia 320 and also adds flow aqueous work-up and the integration of analytical devices such as LCMS.   

It features multiple step and multiple reagent reaction capabilities with its 4 pump channels, 4 reagent injection valves, Chip Climate Controller, Heater (and adaptors), glass microreactors, fluoropolymer tube reactors, stainless steel tube reactors, Pressure Controller, FLLEX, Sampler and Dilutor, Automated Collector, Automator, PC and PC Software.

All the modules are extremely chemically resistant and can either be fully automated by the Asia Manager PC Software or controlled individually.

The Asia FLLEX (Flow Liquid Liquid Extraction) module performs continuous flow aqueous work-up. A FLLEX mixes the organic and the aqueous streams, allows rapid diffusion to occur then splits the flow back to its constituent parts.
The Asia Sampler and Dilutor automatically takes a sample from the reaction and dilutes it by a user defined ratio. It then injects the diluted sample into an LCMS and automatically starts the acquisition of the LCMS system. The Asia Sampler and Dilutor can be used in conjunction with all 3rd party chromatography systems (LCMS, GCMS, HPLC, UPLC, etc..). All experiments are designed and run using the Asia Manager PC Software.

The Asia 330 is ideal for chemists who demand the highest quality, highest functionality flow chemistry system available.