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Single/Double Layer Graphene on Copper Foil: 2" x 4"

Single Double

Single/Double Layer Graphene on Copper Foil: 2" x 4"
Purchasing Coding:  S-D-Cu-2X4


  • Copper Foil is 20 Microns Thick
  • The graphene film is mostly monolayer and has 10%-30% bilayer islands
  • Single/double layer graphene is a cost-effective alternative to monolayer graphene on Cu foil.


SEM images of single/double layer graphene on Cu foil

These graphene films are grown on copper foil and continuous across copper surface steps and grain boundaries. Graphene is grown on both sides of the copper foil. If you require specifically graphene on one side only, please contact us directly.

Etching of the underlying copper foil allows the carbon films to be transferred to other substrates such as glass, silicon dioxide or plastic films.

To the best of our knowledge, there is no report of degradation of the CVD graphene over time when it is kept in a safe, dry place. The copper foil with single/double layer graphene can exhibit some coloration due to slow oxidation of the copper foil, which does not affect the quality of the graphene film.


  • Practicing graphene transfer. See our Graphene Transfer Guide for more details.
  • Transparent Conductive Coatings: This product may be preferable to our monolayer graphene on copper foil, as it offers better coverage and a lower sheet resistance.
  • Graphene Research

If you require graphene already transferred to SiO2/Si substrates, and are still looking for a cost-effective alternative to monolayer graphene, please consider our Single/Double Layer Graphene on SiO2/Si wafers.

We can provide this product in different sizes and offer volume discounts. Please email us  for more information.
If you require graphene which is predominantly single layer, please consider our Monolayer Graphene on Copper.

Purchasing Code:  S-D-Cu-2X4