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High-Temperature Silver/Carbon Conductive Epoxy G6E-HTSG
Product Code:  SKU-G6E-HTSG

Our Conductive High-Temperature Silver/Carbon G6E-HTSG is a two component adhesive intended for high performance bonding, sealing and coating purposes. G6E-HTSG Epoxy has been developed for applications that require high-temperature operation (up to 316°C/600 F), excellent moisture and chemical resistance. We use a proprietary mix of silver and graphene materials to achieve a superb combination of mechanical and electrical properties. Traditional epoxy materials tend to be brittle and are prone to mechanical failure. Graphene fillers add superior durability, fatigue and crack resistance in addition to low electrical resistance.

Available in 30g, 60g and 90g sizes

G6E-HTSG is a two-component electrically conductive adhesive that is engineered to combine bond strength and high electrical conductivity. The epoxy composite is based on the mixture of graphene and silver particles. The graphene nanoparticles increase the electrical conductivity of the epoxy and enhance the strength of the material and prevent the formation of cracks, improving the durability of the bond. This is especially important for bonding dissimilar materials subjected to the temperature variations and shocks.

The G6E-HTSG resin works up to 316°C (600 F) and demonstrates excellent adhesion to a variety of materials including plastics, metals, glass and ceramics. It offers superb resistance to moisture, solvents and oxidants as well as exceptional durability. The G6E-HTSG adhesive can be used as a solder replacement for applications where high temperature is desirable.


  • High Temperature Silver/Graphene filled epoxy up to 316°C / 600 F
  • Extended pot life
  • Excellent electrical conductivity: 0.0005 Ω·cm
  • Glass transition temperature: 129 °C
  • Great for die attachments and solderless interconnections


  • TWO COMPONENT SYSTEM: Part A – smooth thixotropic silver paste, Part B – smooth thixotropic silver paste.
  • THE MIX RATIO: Mix 100 (Part A) to 50 (Part B) by weight.
  • CURING INSTRUCTIONS: Best results are obtained when the product is cured at one of the following schedules: 4 hours @ 150°C (302 F). For optimum properties, post cure for 1-2 hours @ 180°C (350 F).
  • COLOR: Silver
  • POT LIFE: 4 hours
  • MIXED VISCOSITY: 290-310 Pa·sec at 25°C/77 F
  • VOLUME RESISTIVITY: ~ 0.0005 Ω·cm
  • STORAGE & SHELF LIFE: 12 months at 25°C/77 F, in unopened, unmixed containers. Stores and ships at room temperature. No freezing or dry ice required
  • MIXING INSTRUCTIONS: Stir both components before use. Add Part B to Part A and mix slowly until uniform in a separate container.
  • SAFETY & HANDLING: Always read the SDS before use. Use the product with adequate ventilation. Keep away from sparks and open flames. Avoid prolonged contact with skin and breathing of vapors. Wash with soap and water to remove from skin.
  • PACKAGING: Part A and Part B (packaged in individual jars).

This epoxy can also be supplied in various different packaging based on customer’s needs.

High-Temperature Silver/Carbon Conductive Epoxy G6E-HTSG Product Codes:
SKU-G6E-HTSG-30   (20g + 10g)
SKU-G6E-HTSG-60   (40g + 20g)
SKU-G6E-HTSG-90   (60g + 30g)


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