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Gallium Selenide (GaSe) Crystal

 Gallium Selenide (GaSe) Crystal

Gallium Selenide (GaSe) Crystal
Ordering Number: SKU-GASE-CR

This product is a single crystal of Gallium Selenide. It can be mechanically cleaved (scotch tape method) into few or single layers and deposited onto SiO2/Si wafers. Please carefully read the Material Safety Data Sheet before handling this product.

A hexagonal photoconductor/semiconductor used in far-infrared conversion material

GaSe possesses a direct bandgap at 2.1 eV in bulk form, which becomes 2.3 eV when in monolayer form


  • 99.99% GaSe
  • Single Crystal
  • 8mm x5mm


  • Optics
  • Electronics
  • Imaging
  • Semiconductors
  • Sensors
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GaSe Mol


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Gallium Selenide (GaSe) Crystal
Ordering Number: SKU-GASE-CR