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Hydrodynamic Focusing


Hydrodynamic focusing is now being viewed as a versatile tool which can enable new approaches to microfluidic mixing, separations, (impedance-based) sensors and flow cytometry for cell detection and analysis.  While many different configurations are possible, the most common set-up involves a microfluidic biochip or flow cell with 3 inlets where the sample stream (e.g. containing particles/cells) is pumped through the center inlet while being focused in the microfluidic channel by two faster "sheath" fluid streams.  Cellix's microfluidic hydrodynamic focusing set-up combines the patented, precision, microfluidic ExiGo pump together with a multichannel pressure pump resulting in a cost-effective solution for hydrodynamic focusing.  The ExiGo pump includes a high resolution stepper motor drive mechanism and patented pulse damping method; while the pressure pump component is based on high speed air injection.  Combining these pumps with active feedback controlled via flow sensors results in accurate and stable flow rates.  The set-up may be controlled via an iPad mini or Labview-based software.

Microfluidic Hydrodynamic Focusing