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Temperature Control

Hotplate Adaptor

Hotplate Adaptor
Part Number: 3000207

The Hotplate Adaptor allows temperature control of microfluidic chips in conjunction with a range of hotplates. With the ability to hold a chip in position, the Hotplate Adaptor can be used with the Micromixer Chip (Part No. 3000144), T-Junction Chip (Part No. 3000014), Thin T-Junction Chip (Part No. 3000086) and Droplet Generation Chip (Part No. 3000211) for advanced management of fluid heating.

Features and benefits:

  • Precise control of reaction temperatures
  • Quick chip connection and release
  • Excellent chemical compatibility
  • Max temperature: 250°C
  • Compact design
  • Base material: aluminium
  • Support material: PEEK

Hotplate 230
Part Number: 3000223

The Hotplate 230 is a digitally controlled device with external Pt100 (temperature probe), which locates in the Hotplate Adaptor (Part No. 3000207) for optimal control of reaction temperature. The Hotplate allows the user to set and directly control the temperature of the Hotplate Adaptor (Part No. 3000207). The Hotplate 230 is compatible with UK mains supply of 230V. A maximum temperature setting ensures safe unattended operation. Temperature range is room temperature to +300°C.


Mitos Volcano
Part Number: 3000284

Can be used together with the Hotplate (Part No. 3000223) and 1ml Microreactor Chip in holder (Part No. 3000077).

H Adaptor

Hotplate Adaptor - Chip Holder H
Part Number: 3200111

he Hotplate Adaptor - Chip Holder H allows control over internal temperatures of microfluidic chips without any disruptions to the fluid flow. Holding a microfluidic chip securely in position, the Hotplate Adaptor enables users to pre-heat or post-heat fluids by using the integrated tube heater.

The Hotplate Adaptor - Chip Holder H can be used with the following chips and accessories:
Droplet Junction Chips - Part Nos. 3000158, 3000301, 3000436 and 3000437
Y-junction Chip - Part No. 3200008
Chip Interface H - Part No. 3000155

Features and benefits:

  • Precise control of reaction temperatures
  • Optional pre-heating and post-heating of fluids
  • Chip size: 22.5mm x 15mm
  • Chip thickness: 4mm
  • Removable lid for maintaining constant temperatures inside the device
  • Viewing window for microscopic observation
  • Max. operating temperature: 100°C