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Elastyczny węglowy klej przewodzący EPOXY G6E-FRP

Strona w budowie.

Produkt dostępny w naszej sprzedaży od 09 stycznia 2019 r.

Już wkrótce opublikujemy polskojęzyczną specyfikację tego produktu. Zapraszamy!

Our Conductive Carbon Filled G6E-FRP epoxy is a more flexible, lower stress version of G6E-P epoxy. It is a two-component electrically conductive adhesive formulated based on the mixture of nanocarbon particles designed to combine high flexibility and good electrical/mechanical properties. G6E-FRP can be used for high performance bonding, sealing and coating. The conductivity of G6E-FRP is not sensitive to curing temperatures and ambient conditions. 


  • Carbon filled, low-cost silver alternative

  • Flexible, low stress

  • Electrical conductivity: ~15 Ω·cm 

  • Ultralight: Density is less than 1.1 g/cm3


TWO COMPONENT SYSTEM: Part A – black paste, Part B – black paste.

THE MIX RATIO: 100 (Part A) to 100 (Part B) by weight.

CURING INSTRUCTIONS: Best results are obtained when the product is cured at one of the followting schedules: 24 hours @ 25°C/77 F, 4 hours @ 80°C/176 F or 2 hours @ 120°C/248 F

Color: Black

Pot life: 2 hours

Glass Transition Temperature: 43°C/109 F

Mixed Viscosity: 285 – 295 Pa·s at 25°C/77 F

Hardness, Shore: >70A

Density: 1.0-1.1 g/cm3 

Volume Resistivity: ~ 15 Ω·cm 

Storage & Shelf Life: 6 months at 25°C/77 F in unopened, unmixed containers. Stores and ships at room temperature. No freezing or dry ice required.

Mixing Instructions: Stir both components before use. Add Part B to Part A and mix slowly until uniform in a separate container. 

Safety & Handling: Always read both SDS' before use. Use product with adequate ventilation. Keep away from sparks and open flames. Avoid prolonged contact with skin and breathing of vapors. Wash with soap and water to remove from the skin.

Packaging: Part A and Part B are packaged in individual jars. This epoxy can be customized to any quantity as per the customer's requirement.