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Monolayer Graphene film on Glass

Monolayer Graphene film on Glass; Size: 1" x 1"
Ordering Code:  1ML-GL-1x1

Monolayer Graphene on Glass, 1"x 1":  5 Pack
Ordering Code:  1ML-GL-1x1-5P

Monolayer Graphene on Glass,Size: 2"x 2"
Ordering Code:  1ML-GL-2x2

MonoLayer Glass

Monolayer graphene film is grown by CVD processing onto copper foil, then transferred onto glass

Properties of Graphene Film on Glass:

  • The thickness and quality of graphene films is controlled by Raman Spectroscopy
  • The graphene coverage of this product is about 95%
  • The graphene film is continuous, with occasional holes and cracks
  • The graphene film is polycrystalline, i.e. it consists of grains with different crystallographic orientation
  • The transmission of our graphene film is above 97%
  • Sheet Resistance: 660-1,500 Ω/□


Raman Spectrum of Graphene on Glass

Properties of Glass Substrate:

  • Thickness: 0.7 mm
  • Density: 2.38 g/cc

We use Corning EAGLE XGTM AMLCD Glass Substrates


  • Solar Cells
  • Transparent conductive coatings (TCO)
  • ITO replacement (touch-screen applications)
  • Graphene-enhanced optics
  • Graphene Research

We can provide you with blank substrates without graphene for a small fee. If you require this, please contact us before you place your order.

We can manufacture custom, large-size windows, and use different shapes of glass slides. You may also send us your own substrates for coating. Few-layer graphene coatings with a lower sheet resistance and lower transparency can also be prepared. Please contact us for a quote.

Our graphene films are made by a PMMA assisted transfer method. Please refer to the references below for more details.


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Monolayer Graphene film on Glass; Size: 1" x 1"
Ordering Code: 1ML-GL-1x1

Monolayer Graphene on Glass, 1"x 1": 5 Pack
Ordering Code: 1ML-GL-1x1-5P

Monolayer Graphene on Glass,Size: 2"x 2"
Ordering Code: 1ML-GL-2x2