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Room Temperature Curable Silver / Graphene Conductive Epoxy G6E-RTSG
Product Code:  SKU-G6E-RTSG

G6E-RTSG epoxy is developed primarily for applications that require curing at room temperature. Room temperature curing eliminates the necessity for a heating oven. This allows easier and safer bond/connection of conductive components or materials. This epoxy is also formulated with proprietary nanomaterials and fillers to provide low electrical resistivity.

Available in 30g and 60g sizes.

G6E-RTSG epoxy also incorporates a proprietary graphene additive to enhance the crack resistance of the epoxy adhesive. G6E-RTSG epoxy has outstanding electrical conductivity and is ideal for applications involving manufacture or repair of conductive and temperature sensitive components. Uses for G6E-RTSG epoxy include cold solder replacement applications, printed circuit board, EMI / RFI shielding assembly/repair, etc.


  • Room Temperature Curable
  • Excellent Electrical Conductivity
  • Graphene Loaded (Improves Cracking Resistance)
  • Wide Temperature Operation (Cracking Resistant)


  • TWO COMPONENT SYSTEM: Part A – smooth thixotropic silver paste, Part B – smooth thixotropic silver paste
  • THE MIX RATIO: Mix 100 (Part A) to 20 (Part B) by weight.
  • CURING INSTRUCTIONS: Best results are obtained when the product is cured at one of the following schedules: 4 hours @ 25°C (77 F), 30 mins @ 60°C (140 F) or 10 mins @ 150 °C (302 F)
  • COLOR: Silver
  • POT LIFE: 15 mins
  • GLASS TRANSITION TEMPERATURE: 96°C/205 F cured at 60°C/140 F
  • MIXED VISCOSITY: 440 Pa·sec at 25°C/77 F, 93 Pa·sec at 50°C/122 F
  • VOLUME RESISTIVITY: 0.003 Ω·cm at RT and 0.0001 Ω·cm at 150°C/302 F
  • STORAGE & SHELF LIFE: 6 months at 25°C/77 F, in unopened, unmixed containers. Stores and ships at room temperature. No freezing or dry ice required
  • MIXING INSTRUCTIONS: Stir both components before use. Add Part B to Part A and mix slowly until uniform in a separate container.
  • SAFETY & HANDLING: Always read both SDS before use. Use the product with adequate ventilation. Keep away from sparks and open flames. Avoid prolonged contact with skin and breathing of vapors. Wash with soap and water to remove from skin.
  • PACKAGING: Part A and Part B (packaged in individual jars).

This epoxy can also be supplied in bulk quantities based upon the customer’s requirements.

Room Temperature Curable Silver / Graphene Conductive Epoxy G6E-RTSG Product Codes:
SKU-G6E-RTSG-30   (25g + 5g)
SKU-G6E-RTSG-60   (50g + 10)


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