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Cellix develops tailored solutions customised for applications in the industries of food & beverage, biotech and agri-biotech,health & personalized medicine.

Key products include microfluidic pumping solutions (some pumps can be controlled by a simple iPod touch or an iPad mini), consumable biochips, software and automated solutions for applications in biology laboratories in academia, government laboratories, and the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry worldwide.

Our products have supported several therapeutic areas including; thrombosis, oncology, atherosclerosis, inflammation, infectious diseases, biofilm culture, stem cell research, sickle cell disease, asthma, and allergies. As a Polish distributor for Cellix we have already carried out a number of deliveries to Polish customers including medical universities and r&d institutes.

Dolomite Bio Logo

Dolomite Bio is a UK based company which creates innovative products for high throughput single cell research. Dolomite Bio products include the Nadia Instrument and the Nadia Innovate. By encapsulating single cells in microfluidic droplets, Nadia enables rapid analysis of thousands or millions of individual cells and their biological products.

Single nuclei RNA-Seq (sNuc-Seq) is a novel methodology, which uses isolated nuclei instead of whole cells to profile gene expression in cells which are difficult to isolate, as well as archived tissue. Using droplet microfluidic technology this enables users to profile thousands of nuclei at low cost and at high throughput.

Single cell RNA-Seq (scRNA Seq) is a tool that enables simple and robust access to the transcriptomes of thousands of single cells – giving unprecedented insight into tissues at the level of individual cells. This offers vital information and data and is key to understanding many diseases and immunity.


Portable Hematology Analyzer


The Inish device is a portable hematology analyzer which provides results in just 60 seconds. With a simple three-step testing process and the use of automated sample loader, this device is easy to use and prevents contamination.


  • Fast, reliable Cell and Particle analysis: → detection, characterization & viability
  • Portable, low cost device.
  • Technology as sensitive as traditional flow cytometry; benchmarked against gold standards: BD’s Accuri and Sysmex XP-300.

Blood Cell Analysis:

  • Validated for Red Blood Cell (RBC) and White Blood Cell (WBC) subpopulation (3-part differential) analysis.
  • Benchmarked against gold standards (Sysmex).
  • Target: near-patient testing; emergency departments; field-use (e.g. warzone); doctor’s office.

Droplet Generation Systems


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