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Biofilm Formation


Bacterial adhesion and subsequent colonization of surfaces are the first steps toward forming biofilms, which are a major concern for implanted medical devices and in many diseases. Biofilms are resistant to innate host defences, mechanical removal and antibiotic treatments. It is therefore important to understand the physiological environment and mechanisms that lead to the spread of bacteria. Experimental conditions of biofilm formation on cardiovascular stents, tubing, different surfaces and in the intestines can easily be studied using Cellix's microfluidic pumps and biochips. The dimensions of the biochips facilitate both high and low shear stress conditions. The microcapillary walls of Cellix's biochips may be pre-coated with proteins of interest to promote adhesion and culture of biofilms under different shear stress conditions. Once the biofilm is cultured, it is then possible to flow different substances (e.g. antibiotics) over the biofilm to investigate detachment. There are a variety of different configurations which include the Vena8 biochip range, the Kima pump, the ExiGo pump and the Mirus Evo Nanopump.


  • high and low shear stress conditions easily obtained with Vena8 Glass Coverslip biochips. These biochips can be supplied with/without the glass coverslip attached. Researchers can attach their own material of interest (e.g. coupon) to the bottom of the chips, easily sealing the microchannels.
  • recirculation studies for biofilm formation and growth can easily be accomplished with the Kima pump - it can also sit inside a standard CO2 incubator. This can be connected to Cellix's biochips to culture 8 channels in parallel or alternatively tubing connections for other consumables may be supplied / adapted.
  • larger channels sizes from the Vena8 Glass Coverslip range enable the growth of mature biofilms without channel blockages over longer periods of time; >48hrs.

Assay Examples:

  • E. Coli Adhesion and Biofilm Formation
  • Staphylococcus Aureus and Staphylococcus Epidermis Biofilm Culture
  • How to add a coupon to Cellix's biochips for investigation of biofilm formation on different materials
  • How to recover bacteria from Cellix's biochips for further study