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Droplet Generation


Droplet generation is the method by which droplets of one type of liquid are created within an immiscible carrier fluid while actively controlling the flow through a microfluidic biochip, usually via hydrodynamic manipulation.  Applications for this method include encapsulation, chemical synthesis and biochemical assays.  The most commonly used biochip geometries for this type of application include T-junction and flow-focusing devices.  Cellix recommend variations of our VenaDelta range of biochips for these types of studies and our new DropChip which is included in our Droplet Generation Kit together with our ExiGo pump.

Chip material  Acrylic plastic
Number of droplet generators per chip 3
 Number of splitters per chip 1
Dead volume at input port  0.1μL
Chip thickness   2.5mm
Channel dimensions Varies - see table below