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Fast Switching


Micro and nano-fluidic applications require the highest standards in terms of accuracy for fluid manipulation and control. Fast switching from one fluid sample to another in a multi-junction biochip is of key importance in a number of different applications, including droplet generation. Cellix’s ExiGo syringe pump is a top-level fluidic precision pump available to the market and stands out for portability (reduced volume and weight), ease and intuitive use (controlled via Wi-Fi using an iPad mini), quick setup, independent control of up to 4 outlets and accuracy at very low flow rates. The ExiGo offers additional control options giving the user the ability to completely customize the perfusion profile choosing among several functions such as step, ramp, linear or sinusoidal. The ExiGo pump also has a feedback controlled option when connected to the ExiGo sensor for an enhanced control of the perfusion with flow rate real-time monitoring.

The following video demonstrates fast switching using 3 ExiGo pumps. Learn how to easily control 3 ExiGo pumps producing a step perfusion program with repeated duty cycles every 2 seconds. Liquid samples included in this demonstration are solutions containing microparticles.

Fast Switching Experiment with ExiGo Pumps