Union Jack

Kima Microfluidic Pump

Kima iPad

  • Fits inside standard CO2 incubators - maintaining temperature and humidity.
  • Recirculating long-term perfusion pump
  • Wash mode or pump mode
  • Flow rate: 15 - 35mL/hr ± 4%.
  • Dead volume: < 300µL
  • Includes iPod Touch which can control up to 4 pump modules independently.
  • Wi-Fi communication.
  • Includes tubing kit for Vena8 biochips or alternative tubing kits for connection to any microfluidic biochip.

Applications: Cell culture under shear stress/flow; Biofilm studies; cell culture in biochips with adherent cells (HUVECs), stem cells, HepG2 cells.

Volumetric Flow Rates Perfusion mode:  15 - 35 mL/hr (*) +/- 4% 
Shear Stress Range Perfusion mode:  ~2.5 to ~6.5 dyne/cm2(**)
Dead Volume < 300 µL
Working Pressure 30 psi - 2 bars maximum

Flow Direction



  • Dispense only.
  • Two modes:  wash and perfusion (controlled only by Kima controller via iPod Touch / iPhone)

Additional features



  • Plug and play with Kima controller and iKima Application (available for iPod Touch / iPhone)
  • Featured with standard 100mL bottle holder

190mm x 85mm x 90mm (L x W x H)


< 800g (bottle and tubing not included)

Conditions of use



  • Temperature: 10˚C to 60˚C 
  • Humidity: < 98% RH 
  • Altitude: < 2000m 

*): calibrated test made with a specific flow resistance of 150µm inner diameter by 5cm length  
(**): shear stress is for information only; based on the connection to 8 channels of a Vena8 Endothelial+ biochip  
(capillary of 800µm x 120µm)