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MitosP Pressure Pump - 3 Way

MitosP 3 way

Mitos P-Pump  3-way
Part Number: 3200094

The Mitos P-Pump with 3-way Accessories is the Mitos P-Pump with 3-way Chamber Lid (Part No. 3200044) and Mitos P-Pump 3-way Vessel Holder Kit (Part No. 3200045). It can be used to pump 3 liquids simultaneously from separate micro tubes in the Mitos P-Pump. This provides a low cost method of delivering 3 reagents to a microfluidic system with pulseless pressure pump technology.

Features and benefits:

  • Provides a low cost solution for 3-channel pumping with the Mitos P-Pump
  • 3-way Chamber Lid that is quick to open and close
  • 3-way Vessel Holder and micro tubes for easy pumping from 3 locations
  • Pulseless pumping performance of the Mitos P-Pump
  • We recommend to use this product with the 2-way In-line Valve ETFE (Part No. 3200087)

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