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Mitos Duo XS-Pump



Mitos Duo XS-Pump
Part Number: 3200057

The Mitos Duo XS-Pump has been specifically developed for applications such as droplet generation, where an extremely smooth flow rate is required. The microfluidic pumping system achieves this through its advanced drive electronics that eliminate the pulsation from the stepper motor, providing a pulse-free flow.The Mitos Duo XS-Pump features 2 independent syringes with rotary valves allowing users:

  • Independent set-up:    
    using the 2 syringes separately, both syringes can refill automatically when required from up to 5 different sources;
  • Combined operation:   
    using 2 intelligently co-ordinated syringes for truly continuous indefinite flow.

Features and benefits:

  • Versatile with many modes of operation
  • Advanced drive electronics
  • Easy to use
  • Small footprint
  • Extra smooth pump option to eliminate most pulsation issues
  • Wide temperature/pressure range
  • Wide flow rate range - syringes are easily replaceable
  • Excellent chemical compatibility
  • Software to control the pump from a PC is available on request

The Mitos Duo XS-Pump will be supplied with:

  • Decontamination Certificate
  • Power supply
  • User manual.

Please note that the Mitos Duo XS-Pump will be supplied without valves and syringes. The following syringes and accessories can be purchased separately:
Part No. 3000244 - 2 Port Valve (PTFE/PCTFE)
Part No. 3000245 - 3 Port Valve (PTFE/PCTFE)
Part No. 3000246 - 4 Port Valve (PTFE/PCTFE)
Part No. 3000247 - 6 Port Valve (PTFE/PCTFE)
Part No. 3000248 - Syringe - 50µl
Part No. 3000249 - Syringe - 100µl
Part No. 3000250 - Syringe - 250µl
Part No. 3000251 - Syringe - 500µl
Part No. 3000252 - Syringe - 1ml
Part No. 3000253 - Syringe - 2.5ml
Part No. 3000254 - Syringe - 5ml
Part No. 3200058 - XS Pump Starter Kit
Part No. 3200197 - USB to RS232 Adaptor Cable

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