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Starter Kits

Syringe Pump Starter Kit
Part Number: 3000335

The Syringe Pump Starter Kit includes a selection of fittings including ferrules, PTFE tubing and head fittings to enable fluidic connections to be made between Dolomite's Syringe Pumps (Part Nos. 3200056, 3200057 and 3200066) and a microfluidic system.

The pack contains the following items:

  • 10 x Head fittings for 1.6mm O.D. tubing
  • 10 x Ferrules for 1.6mm O.D. tubing
  • 10m FEP tubing 1.6mm O.D. 0.25mm I.D.
  • 10m PTFE tube 1.6mm O.D. 0.8mm I.D.
  • 1 x PTFE Pipe Cutter for 2mm O.D. tubing and belos
  • 1 x Allen key 1.275mm
  • 1 x Allen key 2.138mm
Droplet Kit


Syringe-based Droplet Starter Kit
Part Number: 3200074

This starter kit contains all the required tubing, fittings and accessories for generating droplets with the Syringe-based Droplet Starter System.

The starter kit contains:

  • 1 x T-Connector ETFE
  • 4 x Fluid Pipe with fitting, FEP, 250µm ID, 1/16" OD, 0.5m length
  • 2 x Fluid Pipe FEP 250µm ID, 1/16" OD 0.5m length
  • 1 x FEP tubing 250µm ID, 1/16" OD, 1m length
  • 1 x PTFE tubing 500µm ID, 1/16" OD, 10m length
  • 1 x Short length of PTFE rod that can be used to block off ports (pack of 10)
  • 2 x Delrin 1/4" - 28" end fitting with ETFE ferule for 1/16" tubing
  • 1 x Precision Tube Cutter for clean 90° cuts on FEP tubing
  • 1 x 1/4" - 28" female thread to female Luer lock chemically resistant connector (Tefzel)

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