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Micro Fluidic Systems

System solutions
Connecting microfluidic devices to macro-scale systems presents many challenges. To help ensure success, Dolomite provides off-the-shelf solutions designed for performance, ease of use and flexibility. 

Built around Dolomite's industry leading microfluidic products, each of the system provides a complete solution including all necessary pumps, connectors and chips. Thanks to their modularity, Dolomite's System Solutions offer:

  • multiple functionalities: all components can be used independently
  • diversification: all systems are easily expandable
  • user-friendly design: all systems are easy to set up and operate
  • cost-effective and flexible solution

Nanoparticle Synthesis

Our Nanoparticle Systems allow the generation of polymeric, metal and semi-conductor nanoparticles from ø1nm to 100nm, benefiting a number of applications including biochemistry, drug delivery, biomolecular sensing and fibre-optics.

Mitos-p Flow Control

Pressure-Driven Flow Control

Flow Control mode enables users to get the smoothness of pressure and the repeatibility of volumetric flow by simply connecting a flow rate sensor in between the Mitos P-Pump and the microfluidic system. The intelligent control algorithm will automatically adjust the pressure to maintain a constant flow rate.

This improvement in flow rate precision benefits the fields of micro process engineering, microreaction kinetics and specifically provides quantifiable benefits in droplet microfluidics.



Droplet Microfluidics

Dolomite's range of Micro Droplet Systems enables rapid advances in droplet microfluidics allowing users to generate, collect and analyse monodispersed droplets and emulsions benefiting applications such as food science, cosmetics and drug delivery.

Pressure Based Droplet

Pressure-based Droplet Starter System

The Pressure-based Droplet Starter System is ideal for initial demonstration of droplet microfluidics and users new to droplet research.

The system contains one Mitos P-Pump that provides pulseless pumping of fluids into a Droplet Junction Chip for droplet formation. The pump features a lockable pressure chamber as well as an innovative 3-way Chamber Lid allowing pumping of up to 3 liquids simultaneously.


Syringe-based Droplet Starter System

The Syringe-based Droplet Starter System is ideal for initial demonstration of droplet microfluidics and users new to droplet research.

Operating over a wide flow range from 0.1µl/min to 10ml/min, this system provides 2 independent syringes with rotary valves, enabling fast automatic refill from up to 5 different sources, as well as an independent control of each liquid channel


Flow Sensor

Droplet Advanced System

Designed for users with some experience in microfluidics and droplet research, the Droplet Advanced System offers a flexible high-performance solution for droplet formation.

The system features 2 Mitos P-Pumps which provide pulseless and stable liquid flow. Together with the flow resistors they give users precise control over flow rates and droplet size. Quick changes to flow conditions enable fast optimization of droplet parameters.


Droplet Junction Chip

Droplet Collection System

The Droplet Collection System is ideal for the generation, collection and analysis of monodispersed emulsions.

The system features the Droplet Collection Module, an innovative quartz vessel that enables emulsions to be collected without flow disruption or droplet coalescence. The droplet size can be set precisely and changed quickly giving the user full control over emulsion characteristics

Droplet Chip

Small Droplet System

The Small Droplet System is ideal for producing and analysing microemulsions that offer increased stability, a higher interfacial area and the capacity to solubilize both aqueous and oil-soluble compounds.

The system features Dolomite's innovative Small Droplet Chips, currently the smallest commercial droplet-making chips available, which allow the generation of highly monodispersed micro-droplets from 5µm to 30µm in diameter.

Parallel Droplet System

Parallel Droplet System, a reliable and versatile high throughput system for the production of up to 30,000 monodispersed microdroplets per second ranging from 20µm to 60µm in diameter.

Built around Dolomite's industry leading Mitos P-Pump and Multiflux-2 range of connectors and interfaces, the Parallel Droplet System allows users to create stable water-in-oil or oil-in-water droplets benefiting a broad range of applications such as drug and food manufacturing.