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PTFE Reactor Lids and Reactor Fittings

Many of today’s process chemistry, pharmaceutical and biotech laboratories and manufacturing units face an increasing demand to use equipment which is Pure, Chemically Resistant, Cleanable and Durable.

The Cowie® Reactor Lid System is designed to meet these demands and provide a versatile and cost effective means for the assembly of a whole range of equipment in flanged reactors and similar vessels and offers these unique features -

  • Screw-in assembly of fittings to give flexibility, versatility and significant cost savings.
  • All fittings are interchangeable for the same thread sizes.
  • Can accommodate all usual ancillary equipment, condensers, probes, etc.
  • Improved durability and safety compared to conventional glass lids.
  • High mechanical strength to support large probes and other equipment.
  • Improved thermal insulation.

Reduced condensation.

Standard Reactor Lids fit vessels with 60, 100, 150 and 200mm Schott® type flanges. Additionally we manufacture custom lids to meet your exact requirements including lids manufactured from TFM, Glass Filled PTFE and PTFE Laminates. Contact us for details.