Union Jack

Custom Options for Shaft Stirrers

We can offer a complete custom design and manufacturing service for Shaft Stirring Products.

Our service includes the supply of Custom Shaft Stirring Products, whether it be a simple size adjustment of a standard option through to the original design, development, verification and validation of more complex shapes. We can offer this service directly to users and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s).

only Pure Virgin PTFE is used, which -

  • Has been certified been certified by the manufacturer in accordance with USP protocol, and specifically meets the requirements of USP 27, NF22, 2004 for USP Class VI Plastics at 70°C.
  • Is free from animal derived components (ADCF).
  • Has no additional ingredients or  processing aids added to during the manufacturing process.

Full Traceability and Change Control Compliance is available upon request. If you require any further information on the supply of Custom PTFE Shaft Stirring Products, please contact us.